Dog Training Articles by Robert Cabral

The following dog training articles are a great source of knowledge to help you better train your dog.
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Socialization – Socializing is one of the most important things you will do for your dog.  A dog that is properly socialized understands that the world is a safe and fun place… he has the tools to thrive.  It is best taught at an early age, but this article contains tools that will help you learn to socialize your dog no matter how old he is or what his issues are.

Bringing Home Your New Dog– The first things to understand and learn when you bring a new dog home.  Whether it is your first dog or not, the information contained in this article give you valuable insight to basic behaviors and needs your dog will have.

The Binary Dog– This article succinctly outlines a clear path for canine communication.  The techniques in this article will help anyone establish a better behavior with their dog whether they are seasoned professionals or first time dog owners.

Separation Anxiety–   Separation Anxiety can be a lifelong problem for dogs unless it is handled correctly by the human.  This article breaks down the problem and give practical, simple solutions.

Neutral vs Friendly Dogs – Many people think that the best thing is to have a friendly dog; this article sheds light on the problems that friendly dogs may face.

Dog Parks – People are often unaware of the problems that dogs face in dog parks.  It is worth reading this article whether you are for them or not.

4th of July and Your Dog – One of the happiest days for Americans is often a nightmare for dogs.  It is the most common trouble day for dogs.

Choosing a Collar for Your Dog – Choosing the right collar for your dog depends on many variables.  Often the sales person at the pet shop doesn’t have the knowledge to lead you in the right direction.  Read this article before you head out to buy your dog’s collar.

Causes of Aggression – Understanding what causes aggression is the first step in dealing with it and managing it.  Canine aggression is a multi-tiered issue and should be dealt with carefully so as not to unnecessarily escalate it.

Building a Relationship with Your Dog – Before training, it is suggested to have a solid relationship with your dog.  The information contained in this article give you insights on how to build a fair relationship with your dog; one that lasts a lifetime.

Treats and Training– One of the best ways to train your dog is through using treats and rewards.  Read the information in this article to give yourself the tools necessary to engage your dog in a positive method.

Bark Busting – Barking dogs are a nuisance and often cause great frustration with their owners.  It is not a difficult issue to solve if dealt with properly.

Fear Based Aggression– There are various types of aggression but many people (and trainers) lump them all into one category.  This does little to solve the problem and usually only escalates the issue.

Prong Collars – These collars are often seen as a torture device by many trainers.  This article sheds light on the proper use and application of prong collars / also referred to as pinch collars.

Breeders – There are good breeders and bad breeders.  If you choose to get your next dog through a breeder it is worth your time to read this article and educate yourself beforehand.

Emotion Vs. Instinct – Humans function on emotion while dogs focus on instinct.  The problem arises when we expect our dogs to respond to us in a way that they are unable to do.

My Philosophy on Dog Training – many trainers have different ways to deal with dog training.  There are as many “methods” to dog training as there are trainers.  Finding a way that works with your outlook will make all the difference in the world.

Dealing With Food Aggression – If your dog has aggression problems dealing with food, often called guarding, you should understand how to manage it and do so in a method that is fair to your dog.  This article has been written to address food aggression; its causes and remedies.

Crate Training – Crate training, done properly, is one of the fairest lessons to teach your best friend.  Learn the tools to make it a pleasurable experience for your dog – and you!

The Alpha Role – The is not about ALPHA ROLLING your dog, it is about the role of the alpha in your dog’s life.  It is a primary need for your dog one that you should understand clearly.

Corrections – Getting your dog to learn will more than likely involve corrections.  How to correct your dog in a fair and educational manner is imperative to his learning and your relationship with him.

Desensitizing Your Dog #1 – Dogs often have triggers that spook them.  Learning how to desensitize your dog will help him see the world around him in a fair and safe manner.

Shock Collars – Weighing in on one of the most heated topics in dog training.

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