Friendly Dogs vs. Neutral Dogs

I wrote an article that I think is worth mentioning here.  It’s a topic that oftentimes leads dog owners into trouble by trying to do the right thing.  Friendly Dogs vs. Neutral Dogs

We are constantly lectured that our dogs should be friendly to all people and other dogs.  What happens when that that can’t be done and more importantly, what happens when that has a negative impact?

I address this in the article Friendly Dogs vs. Neutral Dogs.   I believe that all dogs have a right to exist, and with the proper owners, all dogs can.  All dogs do not need to be friendly, but they should be neutral.  The big difference is that dogs can be independent and not want to play  with other dogs without being condemmed for it.  Heck, there are a lot of people that don’t get along with others and they do a fine job surviving.

In order to be fair to our dogs, we must see them as individuals with independent personalities and quirks.  We should strive to accept these differences and, as long as they don’t prove dangerous, allow them to be.  Training our dogs to be dog friendly against their will is often a recipe for disaster, and many times it is best to use caution in teaching our dogs that all other dogs are dog friendly.

Please take a moment to read the article as it will shed some light on an issue that divides many dog owners, and understand that I am writing this as an advocate for the dogs, not humans.  My concern is primarily focused on the problems dogs face when human emotion and logic is imposed on them.

Robert Cabral

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