Brenda Barnette GM L.A. Animal Services

To Whom it May Concern,

As the General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Animal Services for the past 6 years, I can categorically recommend Robert Cabral as the best trainer of shelter animals I’ve had the privilege to work with.  Robert has worked with LA Animal Services over the past ten years and has received enthusiastic endorsements from my predecessors.

Working with shelter animals in a strange and frightening environment takes a special kind of trainer.  Robert has a unique understanding of canine behavior.  He is not bound to one fixed philosophy on how to relate to all dogs — instead he assesses each animal individually and uses a variety of proven training methods that assure success.  Robert has demonstrated for over a decade that he has both the understanding and ability to transform the way shelters work with behaviorally challenging dogs.  I’ve personally witnessed the transformation that Robert has been able to make with some otherwise difficult dogs.

Robert’s techniques with shelter animals are effective, humane and lifesaving.  His greatest gift, however, is that he is able to train and inspire staff and volunteers themselves how to better understand complex canine behaviors including fear, aggression, and disobedience.  His ability to impart his knowledge and engage others ensures his life saving techniques will become part of any municipal shelter, organization or any facility’s culture.  Furthermore the animals in our care now receive better day to day handling because of this knowledge, which can facilitate better adoptions because these dogs are set up for success.

LA Animal Services has saved countless lives because of his work with our staff, volunteers and animals.  Robert’s approach to training, rehabilitating and socializing shelter dogs of all temperaments represents a new wave of life-saving programs that will directly decrease killing in shelters.

Robert’s innovative and successful approach to canine behavior is one of the reasons that our euthanasia rate has declined each and every year.


Brenda F. Barnette
General Manager