Adrian Tomsich and Oscar Cascabelo

Over the years, Malibu Grooming Company has referred many of our clients to Robert Cabral’s Black Belt Dog Training.  In each and every case, the results are nothing less than ASTOUNDING!  Robert’s unique and successful approach to dog training reflect his innate ability to connect with dogs AND effectively combine the training of both canines and their human companions as …

Debra Greenfield

…my sweet dog Daisy had a few problems with dogs on the beach where we live, getting into fights.  The trainers I hired made it much, much worse and at one point she tore through a muzzle and put a dog in the hospital…I was losing it and neighbors wanted to be rid of her…each trainer I had hired had …

Carl Bell

My name is Carl Bell.  I am one of the founders of Anacapa Working Dog Association.  We have been in existence for eighteen years.  During that time, I have also served as Training Director.  Our dogs are not only trained as sport dogs, but as goodwill ambassadors to the community.  I have personally been training and competing since 1986. Robert …

Kim Schwartz

Robert Cabral is the rock star of dog training. He fixed my dog by the time the famous guy on TV called back. Kim Schwartz Malibu, CA

Katherine Beattie

“Robert has a unique understanding of dogs and the ability to translate and teach that knowledge.  We at k9 Connection are very proud of his partnership and value his many skills.  Our students and dogs are indebted to him for his life saving interventions with our program.” Katherine Beattie Co-Founder k9 Connection

Ed Boks

“Robert is a dog trainer extraordinaire, he rescues and rehabilitates animals with difficult behavioral problems from municipal animal shelters; skillfully and compassionately transforming them into loving companions.” Ed Boks General Manager LA Animal Services / Executive Director of Maricopa County and New York City Animal Care & Control

Marcia Levinson

I never thought that my dogs would get along, but you solved the problem. Marcia Levinson


The dogs are much calmer at my house since I saw you. It is really great. I liked how you train the dogs and it is really effective. Barbara

Stella Croxton

That was an amazing lesson – thank you so much. Just to let you know he’s doing very well. We’ve had separate walks (that means I get more exercise too – first Adonis and then Toby). ZERO barking on the leash and we ignored the two dogs on the corner completely!! Still some pulling – but I’m improving MY technique …

Thomas Cole

Robert is one of the leading experts in rehab work. He is “leading the pack” with his advanced work to return aggressive dogs to a calm and balanced state of mind. Thomas Cole / SHELTER