Joy Lucas

I am SO glad I decided to not give up on dog training and looked up another trainer and found you! Rowan already shows significant signs of improvement and it has only been a few days.  Woohoo! Joy Lucas

Jen Schneider

Not only is Dudley calmer with what I call our “new sheriff in town program,” he also seems to be so much happier. I am thrilled! The most rewarding part of the experience, however, was when the instructor mentioned that Dudley was a different dog from the first time she met him.  I am happy when I can see a difference …

Alan Long

If you love your dog you must learn how to communicate with them. Robert will teach you how! Alan Long

Tracey Dempsey

I just found your web page and to my amazement every single word that was written i totally felt! I agree 1000 % with everything you believe in and wish there was a legal requirement for dog owners to have the basic understandings of a dogs behavior and how to bring it up into a happy home with an enriched …

Marty Greenwald

Elbrus has been a gem ever since you came into our lives and I’m so grateful for that. Marty Greenwald

Monica Horan Rosenthal

I couldn’t believe the change in my dogs (and how I related to my dogs) after our first one-hour session working with Robert.  I have worked with other trainers, but the effects of any training, on both me and my dogs, ended the minute they walked out the door.  Robert has a philosophy and teaching style that immediately puts you …

Rochelle Booth

I have a 90lb German Shepherd who started to show aggressive tendencies.  I had known of Robert from before so I gave him a call.  The very first visit, Robert diagnosed the problem with my dog – too much chaotic behavior in the home with the German Shepherd and the two Vizla girls.  Robert understood where Ellwood was coming from …

Kevin Sullivan

Having worked with police k9’s and search and rescue dogs for many years, I was surprised by Robert’s knowledge of dog behavior and the lessons he taught me with my personal dogs.  His insight was surprising and quite refreshing.  The techniques he taught me have solved the problems other trainers could not, and he did it in two sessions.  Overall …

Megan Blake

When my pups started becoming dog aggressive, Robert nipped it in the bud, and now they can walk in a perfect heel while big dogs sniff and little dogs yap at their tails! Megan Blake Pet Lifestyle Specialist, Animal Attractions TV, Dog’s Life Magazine

Dr. Lisa Newell

When I first met Robert, several years ago, I thought who is this guy that “charms” these usually highly aggressive SharPei?  He would bring these dogs to me, just out of the shelter, for exams to get them into their new homes.  At first, I admit, I was nervous when he would tell me that they would not bite me …