Working & Protection Dog Training

Working, Sport & Protection Dogs

Working dogs and sport dogs are often sold as “personal protection dogs.”  These select dogs come from a special breeding and training that gives them the ability to act in situations where others can’t.  But, most importantly it gives them the ability to control these drives as well.  Robert’s primary focus is training the obedience aspect of these dogs.  Control and relationship with this type of dog is of the utmost importance.  

These dogs, although bred and trained for this sport or service, need to be maintained.  Maintaining their skill is critical. If you own a personal protection dog that you acquired from a broker,  breeder or trainer and require additional training, Robert can help you.  Whether your dog needs a quick brush-up, obedience overhaul or detailed training for a particular task, please contact Robert for more information.  Robert covers a full phase of training including obedience, bite work and nose work / scent detection.  

Depending on your needs, Robert can customize a training regime for you and your dog.  This training can be done at your location or at Robert’s training facility. Interested in purchasing a dog for a specific task?  Contact Robert to discuss dogs that he is currently training or ones that are training at his partner kennels in Europe.

Pet dogs are not personal protection dogs and should not be used for such.  Personal protection dogs are a specific breeding and temperament to handle the task.